Thursday, June 12, 2008

Color pencil awesomeness

After going through light/color/design class, I've come to love using only red, blue, and yellow color pencils.


Tom Scholes said...

:O Magic.

jupitan said...

HAHA I love the second expression
Great use of color pencils :) The apple looks delicious too :Q

(this is diane btw, blogger would let me post without signing in :x)

janecake said...

tom: it's amazing how you still check my blog after being inactive for months! thanks! XD

jupitan: haha, you should blog on blogger with us. *_*

Melissa Ling said...


(I can't keep up with your blogs, Jane :))

Hunter said...


ps- the new futurama movie is around.

Monica said...

love your style girl