Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recent practice

Some things I've been working on for World Leaders Entertainment. You might want to play it a few times since it's pretty short. (I set them to 30 frames per second). This was animated, inked and colored by me! They provided rough sketches and a model sheet for reference.

First attempt with Hank.

My second attempt with Dean.

Both together


Chris Cookson said...

holy crap, your working on The Venture Brothers? that's pretty awesome.

Olivia said...


I love Venture Brothers! I'm so impressed :D

鍾瑞歌 said...


I am super impressed Jane, keep it up :D

Richard Chan said...

Very cool. ahhaha i'm impressed.

andrew said...

wow jane ur pretty talented and i didnt know u watched venture brothers

Spiderian said...

Hey this came out great. Keep it up and they might ship you off to korea lol