Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FML Moments

This week was a total Fuck My Life moment. Long story short, losing your passport and your birth certificate at the same time really sucks. Especially if you don't own a driver's license. Had to take several days off just to fix this problem.

In any case, since I didn't get a chance to do much animating, here's some random and old sketches just to keep up my weekly updates.

I like to draw random cute girls sometimes.
These are possible characters for my senior thesis animation. I've always liked this sketch and the concept that I've thought of for it, but I'll see where it goes.

The cover to one of my moleskin sketchbooks. Bringing back the Paper Manager from HATCH Vol II.


Kar Kay said...

I really like the sketch for your senior thesis! keep it up!

Tom Scholes said...

On the bright side you have an amazing post here :) I love love that first sketch.

Hope things look up for you :)

Richard Chan said...

yeah love the senior thesis sketches. work that