Saturday, October 24, 2009

Character Models

Last week I went to the Ottawa International Animation Festival for the first time. It was really great, I saw a ton of films and met some amazing animators! I was most inspired by Peter Sohn, who directed Partly Cloudy (a short film that was played before Up). He was the funniest speaker, it was almost like watching a stand up comedian with animated visuals and storyboards. He happened to be a first generation Asian-American that had to deal with language barriers with his mother, which was exactly what I had to deal with my entire life. It really reached out to me, especially seeing that he was able to become a director for a Pixar film! (Although it did take him 9 years to get up there.) I am definitely going back next year, and am pumped to work on my own film!!

Some photos from the trip:

Walking by the bridge at dawn. Photo taken by Katie Kirschner!

Went to a patisserie with DELICIOUS baked goods and coffee!

A plethora of breads!

Erica and I carving pumpkins.

A little update--here are character models of my two main characters:

Cabinet Girl

Book Girl


鍾瑞歌 said...

Ahh, I like the book girl. She's cute!

Seems you had fun on your trip!

Emmanuel said...

I wish I could have gone to Ottawa. Coincidentally I just also posted that short from Peter Sohn on my blog. I love it!

Btw you added an extra a to my name lol but that's ok!

shells ♥ said...

i miss you! ottawa sounds like it was a ball. and i can't wait to see your thesis!